Hi, there. I want to talk to you about ducts. The ones on your turtle.
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ライナーノーツ (translation: "liner notes") is a short video clip that makes sense if you imagine a fan of Terry Gilliam was inspired by the animated scenes from Monty Python, but set them in the grim future of Brazil, with the added twist that the dark future is built in/around giant giraffes, turtles, whales, and bison. From the Japanese artist Yuta Ikehara, whose website and additional work is available here (Google auto-translation; via Dark Roasted Blend's post on contemporary Japanese 2D artists)
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That's lovely, flt; thanks for the link.

People who enjoyed that may enjoy Takorasu. I don't think he sells things directly online, but he usually has a booth at Comiket.
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