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Chouchou are a Japanese duo of artist/musicians who make haunting, ethereal electronic lullabies of otherworldly beauty.

It should be no surprise, then, that the band's point of origin is in the virtual world, Second Life, where they continue to maintain a set of gorgeously minimalist "sims" (virtual environments). In one such locale, "the Babel," the group has a large musical toy/sequencer-like "sound lab" installation (which can be purchased for personal use) in which users are able to combine short tones, sounds and loops into full arrangements of their own. While the band's work has since extended beyond Second Life, they are still credited by their in-world usernames and their only live performances to date have been in the virtual world. The band has released three full albums and numerous singles, EPs, remixes and conceptual pieces.

Another Dawn
Memento Mori

Portions of Chouchou's sims in Second Life may been seen here, and in the Gravity (Electrogirl Remix) and Memento Mori videos above.

No relation to Lily Chou-Chou beyond the vague, eerie parallels.
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Thank you for this post. Chouchou's sound is so beautiful and their environments are some of the most wonderful places in Second Life. Lots of people don't realize that way beyond the griefers at the welcome areas and the pixel sex, there are some wonderful artists doing things that aren't possible in real life.
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Beautiful music. Thank you.

This also reminds me of another post I've been meaning to do...
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It's shit like this that makes me glad I live in Tokyo. TIX TIX TIX, onegaishimasu.
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