Lyle, Lyle....
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Bernard Waber died this past May. Mr Waber was the auther of many children's books, including the Lyle Lyle Crocodile books, the first of which was "The House on East 88th Street". David Haetty put together a little video, reading the book for us. Pretty much the most endearing collection of misspelled words, misread sentences, awkward text pacing, strange accents and mispronunciation you'll come across today.
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Lyle was one of my favorites.
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Ira was my absolute favorite as a kid.
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So, Signor Valenti... Is he good? Is he bad? It varies from story to story. He is a man of great complexity.

Also, he has pica.
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Lyle is lovely charming stuff. The local children's theatre put on a play that was basically an anthology of the stories and it was a huge smash with my daughter.
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I used to read 'Lyle Lyle Crocodile' to my kids. Did not know the author died. :(
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Dear Mr. Waber,

Thank you so much for the entirety of your lifetime of work. You brought a great deal of joy to my childhood and to my children, and for that I am forever indebted to you.

I have misplaced my well-read childhood copy of "The House on East 88th Street" somewhere in the house, and I wonder if, now that you are a ghost, you could help me locate it so that we may return it to its place in the bedtime rotation. If not, I still have the one where Lyle meets his mother and the one where the little girl sends him hate mail.

Hector P. Valenti, Star of Stage and Screen

PS: Please put in a good word for me with the gentleman upstairs.

PPS: I trust there will be caviar and pastries there, else what's a heaven for?
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I loved Lyle. My copy "The House on East 88th Street" is close at hand, although I haven't managed to get my SO's five year old interested yet.
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Family favorite, thanks for posting.
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