Syria. The story of how the Assad family came to power - and more
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A brief history of US military intervention in Syria: "The Baby and the Baath-water" At BBC News, Adam Curtis has a compelling look at how the US intelligence and military services have botched regime change and justice-by-bombs in Syria, over the past 65 or so years. Via.
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See also Andy Warner's Syria comics for Slate: 1 , 2
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Thanks for this. I don't know what to do or what to think, so any little bit of information helps.

I was oddly touched by this post by Assad's 11-year-old son on Facebook. Poor little wretch. Despite my lack of sympathy for his family, plus the very low chances that he could ever grow up to be a decent human, he is a pathetic figure. He puts a human face on this -- the face of someone who needs badly to be slapped, and shaken by the shoulders, and put in his room to calm down.
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War, the ultimate Pump and Dump
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I'm not sure what the answer is or even if there is an answer...I'm not sure we can even know the least bad thing to do. I just don't know if it's correct to use the sins of the past (of which there are many) to influence present decisions.

The morality of our current decision has nothing to do with our history of nation building and unjust wars does it? (Not that it doesn't play an unknowable part in how it might affect outcomes based on perceptions we've engendered in some people in the region not positively affected by any intervention/non-intervention.)
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It is worth noting that Miles Copeland's claims about the extent of CIA involvement have been pretty seriously questioned by historians. And, indeed, Copeland himself has contradicted himself on these points. I'm sure it's nice for the Brits to tsk tsk about how the mess in Syria is all bossy old Uncle Sam's fault, but it's not necessarily the best history.
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No offense, but isn't there an open Syria thread from yesterday?
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