Tom and Jerry
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No, not THAT Tom and Jerry.

In the mid 50's a couple of guys met in Queens and started writing music. Their first professional recording "Hey School Girl" made it to 49 on the Billboard Chart. They also recorded:

"That's My Story"
"Don't Say Goodby"
"Two Teenagers"
And, Jerry, without Tom, recorded "Frame Without a Picture"

Eventually Tom and Jerry adopted new hair styles, took back their original names, and took their music in a bit of a different direction.
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Bonus note: Tom and Jerry referenced in The Only Living Boy in New York on the album Bridge over Troubled Water.
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So I thought it might have been this Tom & Jerry but this is cool too.
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There are some mistakes here:
  • When the pins get set up (with Jerry as one of them) it doesn't match those that were knocked down.
  • The bear trap is too big to fit in the mouse hole.
  • Jerry looks surprised when he looks in the box after running it through with needles and cutting it in half, but he must have known Tom was in there because he had the note asking for a doctor already written.
  • The door opens out to the right when Tom tricks Spike into leaving, but when he comes back it opens out to the left.

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    Fun fact about Art Garfunkle: He took his bar mitvah hostage by getting up to act as his own cantor and then just straight up singing for four solid hours.
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    Yo Huron! Your "Frame Without a Picture" link goes to "Two Teenagers" (again)

    Yo Unliteral! I salute you!
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    Frame Without a Picture? Here we are: Jerry (Landis) 1960
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    Mister Bijou...thanks...
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    There's a funny thing in Zappa's autobiography where he talks about running into Paul Simon somewhere, right at the peak of S&G Mania. Paul and Art were feeling the claustrophobia of fame, and were feeling disconnected from performing, and so Zappa offered them the opening spot at a Mothers of Invention show, so long as they only played Tom and Jerry songs.

    They did all their old songs to a bewildered audience, who then watched a characteristically insane performance by the Mothers, and then for an encore Tom and Jerry came back out and did Sounds of Silence, and then the audience got it. Zappa says that some people were pissed off about it, "How could you make fun of Simon and Garfunkel like that??"
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    It could have been this Tom and Jerry, who inspired this Tom and Jerry. Or this Tom and Jerry, with some other guy who is reputed to have become a US senator
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    I can't be the only one who immediately thought of Tom Haverford and Jerry Gergich, right?
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    I came to post the anecdote dirtdirt posted and I'm all out of anecdotes.
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    All of which once again stirs that old question out of its grave: what exactly *did* make Rosie the Queen of Corona?
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    I think it's just a play on words as Corona is a neighborhood in Queens.
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