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17th Floor: Does anyone remember when Patrick shut down his picture archive? Does anyone remember the picture archive? Oh, the topless porn. ....but Iuma is still around from that era. Lets reminisce.
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I didn't realize that DrFun was still around too. Does anyone have a good list of old sites from mosaic days which stll operate? (not archived sites)
posted by tomplus2 at 8:03 PM on December 15, 2001

This seems like a good time for a little dejavu...
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posted by kilroy at 9:16 PM on December 15, 2001

Here's an (apparently) old old bookmarks page, including a link to Femmes Femmes Femmes Je Vous Aime !.

Here's another bookmarks page, from Dec. 1994.

And for the serious spelunker, here's the NCSA What's New page archives, back to June 1993.
posted by rodii at 9:36 AM on December 16, 2001

Here's another classic site that has survived in a mutated form: the English Server.
posted by rodii at 11:18 AM on December 16, 2001

the English Server.

Cheers for rodii!
posted by y2karl at 3:04 PM on December 16, 2001

Project Gutenberg...
posted by kilroy at 8:42 AM on December 18, 2001

Geeks may enjoy some of the early 'Net personalities interviewed here.
posted by kilroy at 9:09 AM on December 18, 2001

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