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Fleen is among McSweeney's Eleven Lunchmeats I Have Invented. Fleen is a tool for doing stuff with the geometry generated by the kisrhombille tessellation. Fleen is a webcomic insider's webcomic blog about webcomics. Fleen is a sci-fi epic set 6.4 billion years in the future.
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I also have Fleen in my pants. I heard there's a spray for that now.
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"Fleen" is also used as a form of the verb "flee" in Chaucer's "Dido, Queen of Carthage" in "The Legend of Good Women", as well as being a type of creature in the 1990's computer game "The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis".
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Fleen. It's a floor wax. It's a dessert topping. It's the ex-wife of the bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. And it makes julienne fries. Everybody needs a little Fleen.

And there are 7 definitions for Fleen in the Urban Dictionary, most of which you really don't want to see.
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The spray is also fleen.

And seriously, yo, check out the Fleen tool. Because it's fucking awesome.
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Well I don't know about the other Fleen's (not keen on lunchmeat, semiregular dual tiling of the hyperbolic planes or comic sans storyboards) but the webcomic insider's webcomic blog about webcomics put me on to the webcomic Bad Machinery so I'm well pleased.
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I don't want to derail the discussion, but Fleep is a really good comic.
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This post uses "fleen" so many times the word has lost all meaning.
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Bad Machinery is a spinoff of the older, longer-running Scary Go Round. Fleen is also the plural of "flea" in Middle English.
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"Fleen" is what the sock covered on the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist.
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It's the number between six and seven!

oh wait, that's bleen
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The tiling referred to by the software link corresponds to the affine G_2 root system. It's pretty sweet, and completely strange. There are four infinite classes of root system: A_n, B_n, C_n, and D_n. (Type A_n, for example, is useful for understanding permutations and invertible matrices. Important stuff! The other types are for special kinds of permutations and special kinds of matrices, like orthogonal matrices.) And then there are the exceptional types: E_6, E_7, E_8, F_4, and G_2. G_2 manages to be the only exceptional system we can draw: the number in the subscript tells you how many dimensions the root system is used for tiling. For example, affine A_2 gives the tiling of the plane by equilateral triangles, and affine A_3 gives the tiling of three-dimensional space by not-quite-regular tetrahedra. But in my work with G_2, it's tended to pop out things that you just don't see in other root systems.... funny little dude!
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It's also a misspelling of a Swedish town.
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Wasn't Whoopi Goldberg the spokeswoman for ill-fated online currency Fleen?
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For some reason it has remained in my mind that Felix Unger went to the prom with Mildred Fleener. I never imagined I would have a use for this information. It also suggests to me that fleener might have been a trade of some kind, like carpenter, smith, wainwright or stoatwargler.
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Suddenly I heard the most awful noise. It drilled into my ears with a familiarity which would have normally frozen me, except right now I was so hot.
I jumped up. So did Eloise Ann.
Nearer, nearer. there in the doorway of the alcove was my wife in her gypsy dress. I would have said something but what was there to say?
—from My Wicked Wicked Ways, by Errol Fleen.
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If you wanna make this scene
you better have the Fleen.
Else we'll mop you up
like Mr. Clean.
(whispered through heavy reverbs) "Fleeeeeeennnn"

Thank you.
Operators are standing by.
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All is Fleen
Save for not-Fleen
Which We Frankly Do Not Wish to Talk About
Because, You Know, not-Fleen. Eugh.
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Fleen are the nemeses of the titular characters in the beloved math and logic game from my childhood "The Logical Journey of the Zoombinis."
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Is Googlism still around? Because this FPP really, really reminds me of that.

…yup. Still around.
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See? Fleens! (They're the green ones.)
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Sorry, guys, between this and the Listiclock post I have a horrible feeling that fleen is ubik. Been nice knowing y[static]
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it turns a sandwich into a banquet!
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I think I read somewhere that fleen is the number of epicycles needed to describe the motion of the Earth's Moon in a Europa-centric solar system.

Beware the Ides of getting lost in that Roswell-curio kisrhombille thing. Which looks designed by a medieval Arabic numerologist cabal to trap proto-Newtons. The light is green, the trap is clean!
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That geometry library kinda makes me wish I knew Java.
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Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Fleen)
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