America's Dog. 3/24/2004-8/31/2013
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Blue II, the beloved mascot for Butler University, died of Cushing's Syndrome on Saturday. After his show-stopping appearance on the court during March Madness 2008, Blue maintained a high profile on various social platforms. His webcam was one of the most popular sites visited at Butler. He is survived by his owners, the Kaltenmarks, and by his protege, Trip. Blue II's last words.
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Blue II's last words

More eloquent than Spuds MacKenzie, for sure.
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Again, my sincere thanks for nine incredible years. My work here is done. I have to go now. My planet needs me. God bless Butler University and Go Dawgs!

Sorry, I know I'm going to Hell. That really was quite touching. Thanks for posting.
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I had to stop reading the 'last words' link because nothing on the planet has the ability to make me break down sobbing faster than the loss of a pup, most especially brachycephalic and jowly ones, so instead I will just say: Good boy.

If you're duly moved to do so, Blue II's passing might inspire you to throw a few bucks at some awesome bulldog rescues. (Look at those faces!)

Rest peacefully, sweet Blue II.
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I applied to one college mainly because its mascot was a bulldog.

Rest in peace, puppy.
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Can the Bulldog Be Saved?
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Any bulldog that takes attention away from Uga is ok by me.
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Wow I thought he'd have left with 'ruh-roh' or something but perhaps cartoons have steered me wrong...

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Speaking as a Dawg lover, thanks for this touching post.
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Ah, damn - we lost a childhood pet to Cushings. 🐾 indeed.
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