Watching a thing done well is a pleasure in itself
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Jimmy DiResta has made a lot of videos for MAKE Magazine over the past year, and here he shares his five favorites:​video/​diresta-celebrating-one-year-on-make/

Watching someone who is good at their job is always a pleasure.

These videos are time-lapse (mostly!) and feature no sounds beyond the noises of his tools. The rapid, sure movements of his hands are mesmerizing and the sounds are variously awesome/charming/giddy. The moose-mounting video has lovely little hammer noises and a blowtorch; watching Rodin's Thinker drown in pink was pretty great.

He has some tools I don't even know what those things are!
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Whoa, these are great. I think I love the moose antler mount one the best.

Did he just have a GoPro camera set on timelapse on a tripod ready to go at all times? Seems like it'd be tedious to have to record every action from a new angle the way they do in these.
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These are awesome. Two things I learned: I really need a drill press, and to learn how to do some basic welding.
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If you like these, I'm a huge fan of Frank Howarth's YouTube videos, particularly turning a segmented walnut bowl though they're all great. I am super jealous of his shop, too.
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OMG, thoseFrank Howarth videos are amazing.

And if watching wood-turning on a lathe isn't cool enough, time-lapse footage of wood-turning on a lathe is like peeking out the window of a frickin' time machine.
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jquinby, one can use a drill press to do basic welding, or more accurately, forging.
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