Can she really become the next hot, kickass, action heroine?
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Can she really become the next hot, kickass, action heroine? Will she be able to be kept away from the keggers long enough to wrap filming? Okay, who do you want for her leading man? Her arch villain adversary?
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Sure, why not? A lot of much more questionable personalities have turned out a career in Movies.

And if the worst that you (they?) can say about her, while projecting politically motivated paternal hatred upon the daughter is that she drinks while underage....WHOAAA!!! NELLIE!!!!! We'all sho'nuf never dids nuttin lahk daht derr!
posted by HTuttle at 1:57 PM on December 16, 2001

the director just wants to get his Long Zanxu in her Bush.
posted by quonsar at 4:49 PM on December 16, 2001

I like that pretty much any word can mean 'penis' in the right context.

What's the matter with attending a kegger whist filming a movie? I'm sure no one in hollywood gets drunk during any film productions, of course, but it couldn't hurt that much (there is, in fact, no required drinking age in China, btw)

Personally, I'd pay to see this movie. I think the director is totally insane, of course, and probably just wants a 'big name' American so his film will make a lot of money
posted by delmoi at 7:56 PM on December 16, 2001

I don't know about the kickass action heroine part, but she's already hot.
posted by bingo at 12:41 AM on December 17, 2001

Her leading man? Why, Bat Boy, of course.
posted by magicbus at 1:45 AM on December 17, 2001

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