Simon Cowell your days are numbered. Owls will get you while you slumber
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You've probably seen videos by Jonti Picking, AKA Weebl. He's the guy behind such Internet legends as Badger Badger Badger, Look At My Horse, Narwhals, and Kenya, and his knack for combining catchy music with absurd words and animations has resulted in an extensive library of earworm songs. There's Magical Trevor, who's shown up time and again (and again). He has songs about other animals, like crabs and giraffes and breadfish and baby baboons. (My favorite video of his is Owls by a wide margin.) He also writes about real people, like Stephen Fry and Patrick Moore!
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How could you leave out his song about Benedict Cumberbatch?
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Wow, Weebl's is still going? And flash is still required?
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I'm so sick and tired of the misinformation being spread about Narwhals. It is not a horn, it is a tooth or a tusk. They are not sea unicorns. They are maybe sea sabertooths or sea elephants. Facts matter Weebl, get this shit right.

I've also seen lions and tigers outside of Kenya so Weebl is just plain wrong there too.

After I realized just how wrong Weebl is on just about every occasion, it is almost like he just makes this shit up, I stopped going to his site.
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I had absolutely no idea that Badger Badger Badger was made by Weebl.

I'm a big fan of A Walk In The Woods, a cautionary tale for all of us.
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Like Ad hominem I was disappointed by the embroidery of Stephen Fry. Weebl added him driving around in a london cab.

That turns out to be real, so the rest of it must also be factual.
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Note to parents or well-meaning aunties, preview videos before randomly clicking around his site showing to kids or grandparents. At least one of the videos has an unexpected and loooots-of-screentime weiner.
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So, I've kind of always wondered, if you took a sane person, put them in a brightly lit room, fed them on a random schedule so they had no idea of passing time, played a song like this, 24/7/365, for like 5 years...what would this person be like when they came out? And how much time do you think they would believe has passed, because I listened to it until I couldn't take it anymore, and realized not only is it still Friday, I have another 3 hours before I can go home! I figured it had to be at least 2014 by now.

What do you wonder about?
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After five years the song would sound like background noise, the equivalent of silence. So re-entering the normal world would sound cacophonous, as if everyone was blasting the inverse soundwave to "Magical Trevor"

I've met weebl and he is lovely
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This made me nostalgic for Homestar Runner.
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This made me nostalgic for Homestar Runner.

Just wait till Sunday's post!
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My very favorite Weebl and Bob.

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Homestar rules! I've come to appreciate it more over time.

My first year at DragonCon I was inexpert at securing my badge, and it disappeared within fifteen minutes of getting it. Rather than go back and buying a whole new one at on-site registration, I got a replacement from someone selling the badge of a friend who had pre-reg'd and couldn't make it.

That's how my first DragonCon I went around as MagicalTrevor. I still have the badge somewhere.
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Marshie the marshmallow still haunts my goddamned dreams.
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@Ad hominem

I'm really ok with it..

Kenya cracks me up every time, though. I find myself belting that out in public spaces to the continued chagrin of my friends.. It also make me think of this. Not as immensely hummable & catchy, but still delightful. :)

Carry on!
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Me like pie.
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googleads broke my back button during Badger Badger Badger and I thought I was going insane for a minute there.
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Gosh thanks.I had not had badger, badger, badger racketing around in my head for several years.
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I always thought we should have shut the internet down after magical trevor. I went through a rough patch around the mid-00s and I would sit at work watching the series over and over again until I was crying for no reason, mouthing the words "Oh no the cloak is on fiyaaaahhhh".
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Also this is my favorite Weebl, it actually burns pretty hard as a beat.
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So much goodness has come out of b3ta and it's associates, I'm surprised they don't get more recognition. Weebl, cyriak, ben wheatly, smearballs, happytoast... the list goes on. Such a reliable source of entertaining insanity for so many years.
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Everyone is fond of owls.
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What? No love for his "Save the Badgers" collaboration with Brian May and his magic guitar (plus Brian Blessed's magic voice for 3 sreconds)??

It justifies the whole damn Internet.
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I love Weebl. I wonder how long he's been around, must be close to forever, since I think I remember the songs from the before time.

Since it hasn't been linked, I still sometimes catch myself singing this
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I think the best Weebl is the stuff he's done under the guise of the band Savlonic:

Electro Gypsy

Tiny Japanese Girl

Wandering Eye

The Driver

Computer Guy
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Did this one come before or after Kenya?
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Did this one come before or after Kenya?

Well after Kenya. After even the fan-made live action version of Kenya, and even possibly the HD remake by one of his other animators (Peebo?).
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If Jonti was my real name, I'd call myself Weebl too.
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Savlonic is just rocking my world this morning, can't believe I'd not run across them before after years of subjecting family members to Magical Trevor.
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Way back in freshman year of college, I had a friend who always left his computer on and unprotected. I had a second friend who was, at that time, obsessed with both the Badger song and pranking the first friend. One night while he was away, she went on his computer and opened up what seemed like hundreds of individual browser windows, and opened up the Badger song in each one. The resulting out of sync noise resembled some unknowable, eldritch horror. She then set the computer to hibernate and turned his speakers all the way up.

Sadly, I wasn't there for the payoff, but that is the story of how my friend learned the importance of password protecting his shit.
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We did the exact same, but in middle school and on school computers. I think that was one of my first principal's office visits.
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