93 Still (Gummy Soul Remix)
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93 Still (Gummy Soul Remix, free download) In celebration of the 20th anniversary of 93 'Til Infinity, Souls of Mischief graciously opened their vaults to give Gummy Soul the exclusive acapellas of their classic album, to remix for the first time ever.

As the framework of the project, Gummy Soul’s Wally Clark, dug through his extensive record collection, and gathered all of the songs that were sampled to make hip-hop in 1993. Jazz, Funk and Soul songs, used to create classics from Digable Planets, Snoop Dogg and Black Moon, were then re-contextualized to provide familiar, yet updated versions of some of hip-hop’s most beloved material.

Be on the look out for Soul's of Mischief's new album "There Is Only Now," produced by Adrian Younge, as well as the 93 'Til documentary, featuring Questlove, Mos Def, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock and more.
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Wow, I got an email about this earlier, but I totally missed that SoM shared their materials with Gummy Soul. Very keen!
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It should be noted that gman posted on Gummy Soul first, back in the day.
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Gummy Soul, previously (lazy link to the GS tag). This is GS post #3.
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The sad thing is Sony's takedown of Bizarre Tribe: A Quest to The Pharcyde based on one sample.

That remix is an impressive achievement.
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And on a sample that Sony had no rights to (Sony's claim was based on a song that sampled said song).

Luckily, the internet has some pretty robust archival aspects, though you have to know where to go digging.

Ping, pong, rally's on!
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Awesome, love that album.
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De La, ATCQ, Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief--man, I love Gummy Soul, but sometimes I wish he'd get down with, like, M.O.P.
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Buttery and lush. I know what I'm bumpin this weekend. Big up.
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20th anniversary, damn I'm old. 93 Til Infinity is still pretty great. The remixes are pretty good, but frankly it's tough to top the originals and they didn't really do it here for the most part. Never No More, Limitations, 93 Til, and Anything Can Happen in particular probably aren't going to live up to the originals no matter who's at the boards IMO. Also I think Batting Practice lost some of the intensity and hyperactivity here and that's kind of the best part of that song.

That said, I like what they did with What a Way To Go Out, Live and Let Live (that Funkadelic sample never gets old, even if the mix sounds a bit muddy here), and the complete change of tone on That's When Ya Lost is kind of fun (When you don't know where you're going! When you don't win!)

This album still has some of the funniest punchlines I've heard, never fails to bring a smile to my face when Tajai drops lines like "I flip the script like a dyslexic actor".
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Heiro day was just last weekend

Also these two remixes are nice:

Young Gully -" 93 TIll Infinity" & The Underachievers - "The Mahdi" (Official Video)
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I just remembered a story about Souls of Mischief from back in my old neighbourhood. There were these twin rappers that lived in my town for a while when I was in high school, they used to call themselves Supreme Being Unit (they were part of the Nextraterrestrials who were kind of miles ahead of the rest of the 90s underground Ottawa hip hop scene and wound up in Toronto I think). Anyways, these guys Addi (now known as Mindbender) and Khari (now known as Conspiracy) from SBU were friends of friends of mine, and apparently also friends of the Souls of Mischief somehow. It was 1995 or so, we were teenagers and we all pretty much thought Heiroglyphics was the best thing ever. So we get wind of a new Souls of Mischief album coming out and we're freaking the fuck out excited. And then the rumours--Addi & Khari have an answering machine message from the Souls of Mischief with the lead single off the new album. People were claiming to have heard the tape and that it was the best. 1995, remember--it wasn't exactly easy to email that type of thing in those days, so people were all freaking out over this single played through a phone onto an answering machine tape that may or may not have ever existed. That single turned out to be this one, so the story that it was awesome checked out and then some. We were more excited than ever, and oh man Addi and Khari are so cool and lucky.

Aaaaand it turned out to be the best song on that album by a longshot. Weird what happened to Heiro after the magic of 93 til Infinity, No Need for Alarm, and Fear Itself. It's a shame too because some of their stuff has been pretty decent since then, but they're no longer the guys at the top of the game and with the exception of Del no one really checks for them anymore.
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Hoopo: 3rd eye vision was great, too.
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93 til infinity has the odd distinction of being a track that despite explicitly dating itself from the outset actually makes me nostalgic for 2002. I think something about that beat just latches onto a cluster of nostalgia neurons in the brain and timestamps them with the date of initial exposure.

This remix is also awesome.
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God this is so light. Shit is like half flutes and half fender Rhodes. Whats up with Let 'Em Know, took that intro right off of Poison by BBD or something.

I think the should just throw a sample of that annoying noise from Who's gonna take the weight in there just to toughen it up.

I like his Danny Brown remix though
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I bet this will bump in my whip
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This really grew on me. I listened to it. Then I listened to 2 Chainz B.O.A.T. 2 leak which was so insanely over the top to be almost a parody. Then I went back to this and really appreciated it, especially the drum sounds. Seems like cuts up samples to build drum sounds kits. No fucking rattlesnake snare rolls or strange whirring noises. I looked up Bizarre Tribe and it really is good too. I shouldn't have discounted it.

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