All That Meat
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Somewhere in-between the space-age bachelor pad sounds of Esquivel and the gimmicky novelty of Spike Jonze sits Mel Henke, one of the most overlooked originators of the mid-century lounge sound. While most famous for versions of All That Meat, 77 Sunset Strip, and Pennies From Heaven, his largely instrumental wink-wink-nudge-nudge album La Dolce Henke is considered his masterpiece - The Lively Ones - The Twisters - You're Driving Me Crazy - Woman In Space - Farmer John - Old McDonald Had A Girl - See The USA In Your Chevrolet - Last Night On The Back Porch (Warning, historical sexism, erotic car metaphors)
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Great post, but Spike Jonze and Spike Jones are two very different people.
posted by oneironaut at 9:27 AM on September 8, 2013 [9 favorites]

Cool! Nice post
posted by ian1977 at 9:28 AM on September 8, 2013

Came in to echo what oneironaut said.
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I approve of this derail. Hey, I was listening to Spike Jones on Dr. Demento's radio show when Spike Jonze was still in diapers.

Also, "Farmer John" reminded me of Stan Freberg's classic gimmicky novelty record "John and Marsha". And much of it could've been cross-pollinated with the jazzier Looney Tunes soundtracks of Carl Stalling (without the feminine moaning... unless you imagine Bugs Bunny in a dress).
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Let's formalize this so passing mods can more easily see something's wrong: if someone could fix "Spike Jonze" to "Spike Jones" in the FPP text? Assuming The Whelk has no problems with it?
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I contacted the mod on duty a few hours ago - said since it was corrected in the thread it might be confusing - i said I wasn't bothered either way and left it to mod discretion.
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Ah, cool.

Shame there's not been more discussion of these songs yet. They're all really snazzy! It's got a high favorite/comment ratio though, that's gotta be good.
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I'm trying to imagine the world where this just plays in the background all the time and all I can come up with Archer
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