A History of Meh, from Leo Rosten to Auden to The Simpsons
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The problem with tracing meh over time, as with so many fleeting interjections, is that it’s terribly underrepresented in the linguistic and lexicographical literature.

Scene 2, starring W.H. Auden (1969):

The British poet W.H. Auden didn't think much of the first lunar landing, and he wrote a poem about it.

Worth going to see? I can well believe it.
Worth seeing? Mneh! I once rode through a desert
and was not charmed: give me a watered
lively garden, remote from blatherers

Scene 3, starring the writers of The Simpsons (c. 1994):


Lisa waits at the main desk. A clerk arrives and plops down a two-foot tall pile of fan-fold computer paper covered with tiny print.

Here you go. The results of last month's mayoral election. All 48,000 voters and who each one of them voted for.

I thought it was a secret ballot.

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I read it. And I'm really trying to stop myself, but I can't. I thought the article was... well... meh.
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Etymology articles are usually open ended, works in progress meandering along until some new bit of evidence appears.
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To my ear meh and mnyeh are two different words. "meh" is "um" + "eh" while "mnyeh" is "maybe" + "yeahno".
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Direct communication from Swartzwelder? We have a new prophet.
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Meh, used as a metafilter comment, has been called out as a tired, lazy epithet.
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Mehmes, all the way down.
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Also, no yeah.
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How is it that Bugs Bunny never gets credit for his contributions? I find it cartoonist.
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with apologies to conductor Zubin Mehta
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for my next trick:

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Not exactly, but close:

Bart: "Nothing you say can upset us. We're the MTV generation."

Lisa: "We feel neither highs nor lows."

Homer: "Really? What's it like?"

Lisa: "Eh."
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The best part of "meh" is how well it fits between "win" and "fail" so that people don't have to think about the quality of a given thing for any longer than it takes to drool out a single syllable. This is efficient.
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