The art of Ralph Steadman
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A mistake is only an opportunity to do something else (video), says Ralph Steadman, an illustrator and satirist famous for being Hunter S. Thompson's long-time collaborator.
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Thanks for this! Love this guy's work and his studio is just wonderful.
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Now I'm craving a Flying Dog beer.
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I'm missing something on the Economist link. I see the headline, then links to other entries on their arts blog, then the comments. The previous/next entries have full articles. My fault for still being on IE9 at work?
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Steadman's illustrations for Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, and The Hunting of the Snark may be the most innovative treatment of those books since the originals. Samples here, here, here and here. It seems that only he and Tenniel understood that Carroll's books were satires.
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looooooove him!
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I still pull out "America" from time to time to peruse. It's only gotten truer, sadly. Makes me miss Hunter, too.
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I enjoyed watching that, thanks. He makes making art look such fun. Nice to hear him singing too.
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