You make the best guacamole, Dineen!
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Workout Wednesdays with Zach Anner! Let's do this! #1 / #2 / #3
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Zach Anner is one of the best people in history, basically. Thank you so much for this.
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Pure joy from where I'm standing.

Also, if I don't go to the gym tomorrow for the first time in forever, I'll be really surprised with myself.
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My body is shaped like an orange!
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The second video marked him as one of the most awesome people I have ever witnessed. He directly addressed a troll, did something clearly nobody thought he could do, and gave one of the best 'You can do it!' speeches I have ever seen. Most importantly, he successfully defeated a troll by doing it.
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"Slap bracelets are coming back so you wear it like a champ, Dave!" Spectacular.
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Workout shorts? Check.
One-subject workout notebook? Check.
Controversy call-out? Check.
"Somebody needs to take the lead and define once and for all what double-spacing is! 'Cause if double-spacing is actually one point five spacing, I need to know! I need to know!!11!one1!1!"
Zach Anner, "Back to School Benchpress - Workout Wednesday #3"
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ooooooooh I love this guy.
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"We developed and released several episodes of our webseries The Wingmen, which got some attention but mostly just free dinnners from agents and managers. We released the remaining episodes as novels, renaming the series 'A Song of Ice and Fire.'”

For this alone, I love him.
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So I'm used to Mefites saying things like "this is totally the awesomest ever" and then being skeptical and then it turns out it was the awesomest ever. But I was not prepared for something being 12x the awesomest ever! I didn't think that was even possible!
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That's right, all caps. He's an all caps guy.
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I loved him when I first saw him on reddit back when there was that push to get him a show on Oprah. Seeing this again makes me remember how awesome he is, and goddamnit he needs a show. I would LOVE to see him hosting a late night talk show.
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Being interesting matters!
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"I love the way you go to the zoo!"

Thank you. I'm totally having a 100 x better day because of this video.
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Zach Anner's Riding Shotgun as King of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus in Mid-Summer Mardi Gras. I'm in Chewbacchus and this parade was a block from my house and I missed it. Because I'm lame.
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Holy shit, there is nobody who needs a show on Oprah more than this guy. He could undo literally dozens of Doctors Oz, just with I LOVE THE WAY YOU GO TO THE ZOO!
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Roding Shotgun, episode "The Cascades" is all awesome. Good guys, all.
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It's never Wednesday already, is it?
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No offense intended to Letterman, but I could totally see Zach take his job.
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So YouTube is half-blocked here in such a way that I can watch videos when they are posted here but not at the actual site, so if there's a Workout Wednesday today, please feel free to update this post.
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No new video yet, but you could check out his Wheelchair Superman/Batman video.
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Ups and Downs - Workout Wednesday #4
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To The Limit - Workout Wednesday #5
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