"... locations that weren't in ruins were more expensive..."
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I saw so many of his films in the 80s. I like his thoughts on working for free, so long as the studio or financeers would allow him to make what he wanted.
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Sad news. I always enjoyed Pyun's movies in spite of their overwhelming cheesiness; Before infomercials took over the local stations, I remember whiling away many a Sunday afternoon in the late '80s/early '90s with one of his movies playing in the background. He was never one of the true genre greats, but one could always sense a playful and fertile imagination laboring under the constraints of a scarcely-adequate budget and not-entirely-passable acting.

Watch this scene from Pyun's Captain America, and tell me that there wasn't some kind of twisted genius at work there.
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how did you leave kickboxer 2 off that list
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(wow... I never knew it was written by David S. Goyer.... weird!)
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Mean Guns is as amazing as it is terrible and it is incredibly terrible.
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how did you leave kickboxer 2 off that list

I actually haven't seen Kickboxer 2. I know. I'm sorry.
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Aw, sad. I enjoyed what he tried to do with Lovecraft's "Cool Air". It mostly fails in a colossal way, but it was an intriguing take on the story.
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Cyborg was, I think, the only R-rated movie my friends and I ever snuck into. High on teenage stupidity, we loved it. Afterward we ran into a couple of female classmates who had just come out of Say Anything and made fun of them for going to see such a lame flick.
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. 2 - The Perioding. This time, it's punctuation!
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(and I ASCII HEART Dollman.)
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I remember renting Sword and the Sorcerer for a sleepover when I was 11. Such a weird movie, especially the ripping out of hearts and that sword with the projectile blade.
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But wait, what does this mean for Red Moon, the sequel to Tales of an Ancient Empire?
Because, I'll tell you, fucking Tales of an Ancient Empire was half a movie, and I demand the other half.

I assume it was shot, and Kevin Sorbo wouldn't be involved in anything so shoddy as to shoot half a film.

(Disclaimer: I no longer remember what the cliffhanger was).
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Fuck MS. Long live cheese. All hail the king of the cheap and prolific.

Also, wow, I'd forgotten about Dollman.
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Huh, as someone commented in the comments to that Captain America vid linked by Strange Interlude, Cap was played by none other than Matt Salinger.... Son of J.D. Salinger.
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