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Ponytail was a rock band from Baltimore that existed from 2005 to 2011 and specialized in mostly instrumental overwhelmingly happy and excited rock music. They released three albums: Kamehameha, Ice Cream Spiritual (see above), and Do Whatever You Want All The Time.

Its members were drummer Jeremy Hyman, guitarists Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong, and singer Willy (Molly at the time) Siegel. The band was formed for the Parapainting class at MICA. Quoting Seeno, professor Jeremy Sigler "put me and the drummer Jeremy [Hyman] together because we were the youngest. He put Dustin [Wong] with us because he was oldest in the class. And then he put this guy Michael Petruzzo with us, he was wearing a Destiny's Child t-shirt, I remember that. And then [Willy] was the last one to get picked." (Petruzzo subsequently left the band.) Before joining Ponytail, Wong was a member of the band Ecstatic Sunshine with Matthew Papich.

Since the breakup, Seeno and Wong have continued as solo artists; their newer sounds have been dreamier than those produced when with Ponytail. (Seeno's soundcloud, Wong's soundcloud) Seeno's work has been released on NNA Tapes. Wong's subsequent recordings have been released on Thrill Jockey (including a collaboration with Takako Minekawa) and his next album can be streamed at Pitchfork Advance. (Wong previously.)
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I saw Ponytail open for Peaches in Baltimore one time, it was a great set. I've only heard their Ice Cream Spiritual album, but I enjoyed that as well.
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Wow, Die Allman Bruder is downright infectious. Never heard of these guys but it's right up my alley, thanks!
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I should add that Jeremy Hyman has apparently joined Avey Tare's new band, so he is certainly still in the business too. He also played some of the Boadrum shows with Boredoms and with Dan Deacon at All Tomorrow's Parties in 2013.
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