A Radical New Vision of the Internet!
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John Wooley's leaked Market Research Report tackles the complex pros and "Cons" of Internet Neutrality. Enable your sarcasm settings for this hilarious mockumentary that explores why free and open internet is a win-win scenario for business and the humans that create them.
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Thanks for this link. Great documentary. To save you al some clicks, the full video is available here.
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According to somebody, SOPA is making a comeback.
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The internet is filled with smut and junk and we must trash the entire thing and start over!

The premises are both correct. The conclusion is bullshit. i.e. the logical conclusion is his logic sucks.
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We'll need a post on this eventually :
Net neutrality faces uncertain U.S. court ruling
via Verizon's Plan To Turn the Web Into Pay-Per-View
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We really do need a post on that. The limited reporting I heard made it sound like the judge may be leaning Verizon's way.
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