Juggling + Ceramic Art = Dangerous Games
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Jo Kamm is a ceramic artist. He's also a member of the Kansas City Juggling Club. He's found a way to combine his passions.
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Wooo! KFC!
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That first one, silent except for the sound of the jugglers hands catching the clubs, was mesmerizing.
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This is nifty, thanks for sharing! I missed the KC juggling fest last weekend, and now I'm a bit sadder about that.

I wonder how they manage to get the clubs weighted decently? Juggling clubs which are poorly weighted is really obnoxious to juggle. Also juggling clubs with hard handles *hurts* after a while.
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I don't know anything about juggling, but I throw pots. It would be easy enough to start with the same weight of clay for each club--and after that, with knowledge of how clubs should be weighted, it would be a matter of throwing identical forms with appropriate wall thickness. Jo Kamm is obviously very good at throwing identical forms. (Or maybe these are molded? That would make it heaps easier.)

The video is very satisfying. I have way too many ceramic items around the house... maybe I should take up juggling as a companion hobby.
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