Some tasty morsels from the 1920s jazz table
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Have you heard the music of Tiny Parham? Though not as celebrated a name as some of his early jazz contemporaries like Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong or King Oliver, Tiny's arrangements were inventive, lively and big fun to listen to, and his bands were full of fine players. Here are three slow to medium tempo numbers selected by The Mainspring Press Record Collectors blog that are a good starting point. Then, if you want to get things jumping a little hotter, try Nervous Tension and Sud Buster's Dream. We'll round it out with Tiny's Stomp. Thanks for the music, big man!
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Here's a couple more, actually. They're so good!

Stuttering Blues (check the tuba solo! Not many band leaders let the tuba take a solo turn...)

Washboard Wiggles (features a bit of the ol' washboard,as you'd imagine)
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I like it. I never listened to early jazz, but this is excellent!
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Ah, I love this stuff. Thanks!
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I love, love early jazz. Thank you!
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