Public assertions of privilege
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"Research, then, has shown that expansive body postures that take up room instill a psychological sense of power and entitlement. The fact that this behavior is gendered may go some way towards explaining the persistence of gender inequality and, more pointedly, some men’s belief that they have earned their unearned privileges." -- A practical demonstration of which can perhaps be found on men taking up too much space on the train. As a counterpoint, why (some) men sit like they do on the bus.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I appreciate the effort to try to put something together here, but we had the whole huge, angry "lava balls" discussion not so long ago, and have a bunch of huge angry sexism/gender threads currently boiling. Maybe we need a bit of a break from huge angry sexism/gender threads that aren't bringing much new to the table. -- taz


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