Choi Xoo Ang, M.F.A, sculptor of unsettling artwork.
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Choi Xoo Ang, M.F.A.,sculptor. His (potentially shocking) 2010 gallery exhibition. [NSFW]

If visualizing an angel wing comprised of human hands doesn't turn you off (here), then larger and potentially disturbing gallery photos are here andhere. Many more (some repeats, some slow to display) are here and here. The latter includes some critical commentary. Christies has sold his work.

(An aside: If you're curious, the 2010 gallery is sponsored by Doosan, a respected Korean Fortune 500 company that started off as Korea’s first modern store. It turns out that there is a Doosan Way.)
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Cool work, but I don't know why it would be "shocking" unless I've missed something. Its not exactly in the same button-pushing league as some one like Paul McCarthy, for example. Overall, its got a bit of an H. R. Giger vibe that I like so thanks for the links.
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This reminds me a bit of Mark Prent, who did some, uh... interesting hyper-real body-cast sculptures back in the 70's etc...
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Yeah, "shocking" implies that it contravenes some sort of taste barrier, and this is more like hyper-surrealism that's supposed to be uncomfortable and disturbing. And it is, awesomely so. Though the first view of the collection on the Doosan Gallery's site made me think of Giacometti's bronze sculptures of long, thin, caustically surfaced, anonymous figures.
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And also Beth Cavener Stichter's surrealist animal figures.
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And also of Patricia Piccinini
And maybe also Ron Mueck
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Shocking? I am shocked that people think this is shocking.
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Well, there was an NSFW in one of the longer lists, and there were graphic images that I think could "trigger" some people. The figures are very well-executed, hyper-realistic and involving themes of mutilation, examples of isolated sexual organs, and themes of suffering.

I find some of the images discomforting, and at the same time admire the craftsmanship, the imagination in creating the art, and possible messages to be read from the art. His work is superlative in its execution, and I bet he makes a fine commission on private works and collaborations.

Doosan is an equally fascinating subject of exploration.
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For those interested in the hyper realistic human body aspect, you REALLY need to look at McCarthy's recent work. Even centimeters away, it was difficult to tell I wasn't staring at a real human body. and
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Islet of Aspergers Type?!

I understand English is likely to be a second (or third, or not-at-all) language here, but really?
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Those are some very creepy images. I had to stop looking. Before bedtime is not the right time. The ones that are just the mouths, with just the blank heads...ugh. Very creepy and unsettling.
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To me a lot of the characters were somewhat creepy, but more than that they were vulnerable and kind of pitiful... sort of like baby birds or something. Alien and pink and wriggly, but also heart-breaking, naked little creatures exuding a desperate, helpless need. (Well, except for skull girl. She scares the poop out of me.)

I was also reminded of Ron Mueck, who is one of my favorite artists working today. And I was also puzzled by the Aspergers stuff in the titles... although I could see some possible autistic spectrum symbolism in the stuff about listening and speaking, with the characters encased in their sad, skintight little cauls, with only their ears or mouths protruding, and some of them having their mouths sealed shut completely but with wide, staring, anxious eyes.
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