The staircase you climb every day; the exact spot where you got engaged
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Photographer and historian of the New York Press Photographers Association Marc Hermann searched the New York Daily News archive to find historic NYC crime scenes, and superimposed them on photographs of the same locations today.

Similarly, in 2010, photographer Seth Taras created a series of photographs for the History Channel's “Know Where You Stand” campaign, using sites of major historical events - some that might be quite chilling for the people in those spots today.

Previously on Metafilter: Looking Into the Past, created by Jason Powell, is a Flickr pool devoted to combining old photos of locations, buildings, and people with the present day scene.

CNN iReporters, inspired by the the gallery, created their own photo series of past/present Bhutan and past/present Rome, among others.

A Dutch iReporter tells the story of his family, who stood out in front of their home in Ubachsberg, Netherlands, when the German army marched through the village in 1940. He had seen a documentary about a photo album found in a German flea market and saw the photo of his family members. (Video.)

Previously on Metafilter, more photo blends from WWII: Europe (by historian Jo Teeuwisse); Russia (and Vietnam).
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Awesome. This is what I imagined the augmented reality sculptures in Gibson's Spook Country to be like.
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More on the Looking into the Past group: it's huge, so here are a few selected shots (1, 2).

Here is the CNN story about the Looking into the Past, with more iReporter galleries.
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The main link of this post is a double, I'm afraid.

But you've added so many other links, cairdeas that maybe the mods will let it stand? As the OP of the earlier Daily News post, I'm in favor of letting this one stay, FWIW.
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Rats!!!! I even had the Daily News link, and thought I checked for it...
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I find the title disturbing. I proposed to my ex-wife in bed.

We were (she was) watching a Look Who's Talking movie in post-coital repose. She pointed at one of the babies and said "I want one." I replied "No." "Either give me one or marry me." "Get dressed." "Why?" "We're going ring shopping."

And if you think that's terrible, the first thing I ever said to her makes that look a piker.
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[scrolls down]

Kind of missing an obvious one, isn't he? Or too soon?
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What are you thinking of, alasdair? (9/11?) I think he was going for images where the surroundings were mostly unchanged (like the one from the '20s where even the same tree in front of the house is still there) ... also, in the Daily News link, he talks about how part of his purpose in using such old images was to counterargue the people who object to modern crime scene photos being published in the paper, to show those photos have historical value.
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See also: Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse’s Ghosts of History.
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