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Taxonomy: The spy who loved frogs. "To track the fate of threatened species, a young scientist must follow the jungle path of a herpetologist who led a secret double life." [Via]
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An interesting article, thank you. May I just say, full marks for the post title, homunculus.

My first thought was: "It ain't easy being Greene."
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How fascinating! I really enjoyed this post - thanks.
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Plagiarist, eugenicist, antisemite, and whacked-out spy. An interesting specimen.
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Too fascinating!

And yes, the post title is top notch.
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I met Dr Taylor in 1965. A Costa-Rican aquaintance, on learning I was going to KU, told me to visit Dr Taylor, and that he was fascinating. He had stayed with his family while collecting in Costa Rica.

So one day I visited his tiny emeritus office. The filing cabinets were topped with jars of sea snakes (one I remember had a body about an inch thick, but a tiny head and about six inches of tiny 'neck'. He said this snake ate worms that lived in burrows on the sea floor)

His desk held several dozen preserved caeceilians (his emeritus study subject as noted in the article) and he pointed out two ten-gallon crocks that he said held several thousand unsorted snake specimens. He said that despite their fierce pointy teeth, caecelians do not bite in self-defense.

He was extremely voluble and enthusiastic and friendly.
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This is a great story. Thanks for posting.
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What an incredibly different scientific world he lived in. There's almost no way he could what he did then today--which is good because the guy was kind of a dick (racist, anti-Semitic and, in true absentminded professor fashion, couldn't remember his own kids' names), but also bad because of the incredible amount of knowledge he helped share with the world.
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I have met one of this species in the wild. They are the most glorious nutters.
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