“I never know what the inside looks like"
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Takayo Kiyota turns rolled sushi into another kind of art. When cut, what looks at first like lumps of rice covered in seaweed becomes faces, fetuses (in different stages of development, depending on where you cut the roll), and iPhones . Also, blue poop with flies. The artist's page (in Japanese). [some sushi-rice based nudity, which is a sentence I never thought I would write].
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The developing embryo one really blew me away. I wish she included more varied ingredients - most of them are just colored rice and seaweed, but it's incredible as is!
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So this is kinda like Fimo, but with colored rice?

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but a similar sort of idea, no?
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That fetus sushi is like the world's most delicious nightmare.
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What is the deal with the Japanese and poop?
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What is the deal with the Japanese and poop?

I recently asked the same question here about Koreans, only to be told that all over Asia, the state of one's bowel movements is a normal topic of conversation.
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It's not just flies in the poop. There are simulated pieces of corn in there! It's... beautiful
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It's just edible "Stratacut Animation" (best example here), which might also be achievable with Play-Doh (don't tell me you never ate Play-Doh as a kid...)
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Trying to visualize how to make these things is straining my imagination!
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These are quite something. They did make me think of Fimo as well, but damned if I can figure out how one would do this so consistently.
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