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Artist Juan Ortiz has gone back to all eighty episodes of the original Star Trek series and created retro posters/book covers for each of them. He naturally has a full color book available for purchase, but you can also browse through them on his tumblr, which also contains posters for all twenty-two episodes of the animated series.
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If we keep posting stuff like this when Sara C. isn't around she will eventually make us pay.
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Catspaw! Spectre of the Gun! OMG Day of the Dove!

::is ded::
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♪♫Charlie is my darling - then comes the blue-eyed glare.
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Also available as coasters.
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Oh, wow, the ones for TAS are if anything even better.
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This is awesome.

I have been too busy to entirely enjoy them what with my entire life imploding the same week that the kickstarter for the web series I'm writing/producing/directing shifts into high gear and ultimately gets funded.

But rest assured, Mr The Whelk, this is awesome.

I will make you all pay after I sleep for a week.
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