Paul Collingwood: catches win matches
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As Durham clinch the 2013 County Championship at their home ground, captain Paul Collingwood can reflect on success at club and country level, especially this season. For England he's scored more than a few runs against Australia and other sides, and has notched up 10 centuries, 20 fifties and 96 catches in test matches (the long form of the game) alone, in addition to a spot of wicket keeping. He's also captained England to their only global cricket tournament victory. But Paul is most well-known for his catching...

Against Australia and again.
Against the West Indies and again.
Against Sri Lanka.
Against Pakistan.

Paul's tips on simple, feet-on-the-ground high and flat catching.
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What a great collection- gotta share this with my Trinidadian hubby, who lives and dies (mostly dies) with the Windies. I went to a conference at Loughborough U in 2012 where the National Cricket Centre is (for England) and got to watch them training- so cool. Cricket is amazing.
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The standard of fielding has improved so much over the last decade or so. So so much.

They're totally different games, and both brilliant, but I do wonder whether baseball might benefit from whatever the top flight cricketers have been doing to get this good - especially as cricket has a much wider field, and no gloves.
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Paul Collingwood is one of the great unsung heroes of recent English cricket. I think his tenacity at no. 6 and the role it played in bolstering England's Test competitiveness in the mid to late '00s have been much underestimated. Plus you have to love his oddly anachronistic air and image. He somehow made every middle order England counterattack look like Shackleton's boat journey from Elephant Island.
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I have never been to cricket match, never even watched on TV except for a few minutes every now and then. Yet I can see that it's a great game, both the stuff of the game play itself and all the ritual, the passion it inspires in its fans.

and I don't really have a clue what they're singing about, but these guys are great
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I love baseball defense, so it's no surprise that I love these catches. And since I'm not actually a cricket fan I can't judge Danger's comment about baseball players having something to learn from cricket players. I can, however, link to to this catch from a baseball game last night. And I can recommend you watch some Jose Iglesias highlights.
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