"Her, she's a mystic -- THANK YOU NEXT SHOE"
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Sally Shoe is a Sally Jessy Raphael audio collage.
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Oh god I'm coming down
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I love this. I assembled something similar way back in 1987. Scraps from the media junkyard.
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So tonight I waited too long to have dinner so was woozy from hunger.

For whatever reason, I clicked on this and listened to it while I was making dinner.

In my preteen/early teen days I had the bad habit of falling asleep with the television on.

For some weird syndication reason, Sally Jesse Raphael was on around 2 am in our market at that time.

I had weird dreams because of this.

Thanks for recreating that feeling.
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I have my Danny Elfman iTunes station on and it's currently playing Oingo Boingo and I'm not entirely sure it's a good idea to cross that with Sally Jesse Raphael but it's definitely happening oh god help
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I want to close the window but I can't

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Hmm, maybe one of you remembers a sound collage from the 80s, with the voice of a radio or tv talk show host greeting callers by their city - and everything else removed. "Detroit, hello. Poughkeepsie, hello. Atlanta, hello."
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Imagine hearing a copy of this in 1990 from some guy specializing in bootlegs without the larger Internet for context. I'm asking you to do it because I can't.
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Bobby, come on out.
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"I can envision one person with a lot of machines - tapes, electronic setups - singing and speaking and using machines." - Jim Morrison
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If you like this, you'll like Flee Past Ape's Elf by Orchid Spangiafora (previously), one of the classics of late-70s, early-80s noise.
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heathkit, I dig that quote, and was impressed by it when I first heard it as the intro to the Jacques Lu Cont Essential Mix. Like others, I thought that the line, from an interview in 1969, was Jim predicting the future of music like he was some kind of savant.

But in looking for context, I was reminded that it's hardly a big stretch for anyone involved in music at the time, and especially someone who, like Morrison, had affinities with the avant-garde. You could even argue he was behind the times, with Jean-Jacques Perrey making a more musical side of musique concrète back in the late 1950s and 1960s.
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Holy shit, she's 78? What happened to my youth?
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She was old then, so where you, now you are both older.
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no n no your father l n no n your father l no no n nc nc nc n your father l
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I'm playing this and davebush's tape (above) at the same time. It's even better.
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You see that little button that says "Dolby"? Yeah, push that.
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Also, rip Thomas Dolby
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That's Ray Dolby, nosila. Thomas is still with us.

The thought of losing two important Dolbys in one month gave me the horrors.
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