27 Seconds // Beauty is Boring
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Inspired by silent film screen tests of the 1920's, 27 SECONDS is an ongoing video collaboration by BEAUTY IS BORING and THE NEW TOUGH. Working within a set of restrictions (chest to the top of the head, white background, limited time and no sound), the 27 SECONDS series is a moving exploration of the vintage Polaroid format used to create the images for BEAUTY IS BORING.
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My favorite videos are the first one (Rachel / 01), the third one (Lauren / 01) and the sixth one (John / 01).
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I don't particularly understand this, but I don't particularly mean that as a criticism.

What's the optimal model here? Should I express pre-cooked skepticism at the correctness of these clips in their function as public gestures? Or apply my attention to the lightweight amusement therein proffered? Am I to hold them up to a Rothko and say something about the juxtaposition? Is today a good day to harp on the artists' intentions cynically, or can I jump straight into a tangent on gender politics in the male gaze?

I think maybe because I'm out of the loop I'll just wax faux-poetic in a self-referential, cloyingly name-droppy sort of way and hope something lands on key. Feels like the hazy-Saturday sort of thing to do.
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I guess I'm just tired of pretty people strutting around being pretty everywhere. That is boring.
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I know one of these models, Sasha Neboga. Met her in LA a few years ago when we were staying in the same BnB. She had just travelled to the city in hopes of making it as a model. My memory is a little hazy but she'd either just landed an agent or had an interview coming up with an agent.

She was very nice. She was incredibly confident and up, but not in an annoying way. It was very odd speaking with her because she was talking about becoming a model and as I'm listening, I'm thinking all the things a man my age thinks when they hear those kinds of dreams: never gonna happen; competition is insane; they'll chew you up and spit you out; are you aware of the sacrifices; etc etc.

But I could not maintain my train of thought. I wouldn't say her beauty was extraordinary--it wasn't; in fact, I thought she was a little plain looking, especially for someone who wanted to be a model. But her personality was beguiling. I can't recall ever being so mesmerized by someone. She was one of the few people I've ever met who I would describe as electric and of those few she was the one who struck me most directly and quickly. Within minutes of our first one-on-one conversation I was convinced that there was nothing that would stop this woman from getting anything and everything she ever wanted in life.

We became friends on Facebook and within months I started seeing her appear in print ads. I was so proud of her!

All of this happened when I was at a particularly low point. Meeting someone so determined to accomplish the seemingly impossible -- and being convinced of it, too, by the certainty exuding from their very presence was something I'd never encountered before and doubt I will again. What an extraordinary person.
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A little boring. Would rather watch 27 seconds of cats. Just me, though, carry on.
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