Respect to the men in the icecream van
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It's the weekend, time to start raving. If you adore hardcore, like it loud, are needed on the dancefloor and keep jumping all over the world (even Maaskantje), then you know there's always the sound above your hair and you're already hyper hyper (shoutout). Now Ramp it up (it's only logical), reach somewhere deep inside, move your ass and go Faster, Harder, Scooter.

By the way, how much is the fish?
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Oh dear god. My brother introduced me to this band after he returned from his misspent youth in Munich. Is there a word for something so stupid that it's brilliant? That is the only word for the experience of how much is the fish?

Relevant to that song, see also this song from 1986
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Respect to the men in the icecream van

I hope he has enough for everyone.
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I had a friend in high school who probably found their music as random MP3s online back in the mid 1990s and then imported their albums for the ludicrous amounts requested back when there were only a few decent international shops online. I have loved them since then.

From the previous Scooter thread, the (archived) Uncyclopedia page for Scooter:
The profoundness of their lyrics continues to astound me. I mean seriously, how I am supposed to ever write something that could beat "It's not a bird, it's not a plane, it must be Dave who's on the train"? Simply genius.
~ James Joyce on Scooter's lyrics poems

Scooter are a group of German poets known for their extremely profound texts, often so deep and abstract that few people even have a clue about what they're yelling talking about. Often misunderstood and sometimes even despised, these hardworking poets earn their living by touring around the world and Europe in particular, reading their very profound lyrics poems to intellectuals and artists, bringing joy and inspiration to all who have the fortune of meeting them in person. It appears Hp Baxter will later turn to a "life of rhyme" as foretold in "Bit of a Bad Boy".
Some fools did not value this insight into their poetry, and the article is currently deleted.
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What drug makes it like this
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I like to think of Underworld as Scooter's pretentious brother.
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What drug 4 dis
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What drug 4 dis

It's called being German. An English or American band couldn't do this, it would be either naff or ironic, only a German band can so serious about such fundamentally dumb shit. That's why they transcend their own material.
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I always imagined H.P. Baxxter (vocalist and mastermind behind Scooter) writing his lyrics by randomly flicking through a dictionary, coupling cool sounding words.

I can almost imagine him sitting in his big easy chair in front of a fireplace, taking notes and eventually ending up with something along the lines of "start the danger, rearranger, not so cool, mercy!, I'm the vapour, on the radar. Yeaaah.".

Dadaists take a real liking to him.
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The Otto Von Schirach + Modeselektor remake of Hyper Hyper is a thing of raving beauty.
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...only a German band can so serious about such fundamentally dumb shit. That's why they transcend their own material.

Next up: "The Sorrows of Young Scooter."
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Until jack_mo arrives to provide us with a more comprehensive rejoinder as to why the Dutch* do hardcore better than the Germans – whether ironic or not – I'll leave you in the capable hands of DJ Nrgize (and do stick about for the pitched-up reworking of 10cc's I'm Not In Love). Alternatively, DJ Nrgize has a cracking (by which I mean bonkers) Scottish Happy Hardcore mix. If there's not a happy hardcore remix of the Braveheart theme in there, you should be asking for your money back.

*for shame, Mr Wisse, for shame!
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Just wait until next Saturday.
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Fuck the millenium!

Scooter is absolutely fantastic. I remember occasionally hearing some of these during my raving days, and it always lit up the dance floor. I really need to drop how much is the fish on my next mefi swapset.
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Man. 1992, flunking out of art school, sunday nights after 10 on the nearby Aeronautics University's private radio station, riding a bike around the backroads and abandoned office parks of Daytona Beach with a Panasonic all-weather walkman-alike bought with what was supposed to be tonight's food money, only you have the jar-o-pennies and you know the Chinese buffet people fear you enough to take them...

The driving beats over those weatherproof earphones as the clouds gathered and lightning began to race...

Fuck your Electronica or EDM. This is techno. Michael Jackson was just shot dead in front of a live studio audience.
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Was staying in a B'n'B just outside Hamburg back in 2003, and the first thing I saw when I turned on the television was the video for "Weekend".

If I believed in musical guilty pleasures - I don't, just listen to what you want, admit you like that Katy Perry tune already, you're not hurting anyone - then Scooter would top my list. Silly, cheesy, ridiculous, and awesome, awesome, awesome.

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I hear you, MartinWisse!
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Unlike 99.99% of Metafilterians, I've seen Scooter live, yelling HYPER HYPER over and over and it was FANTASTIC. SFX Dublin, the only place where a band like Scooter could get treated as conquering heroes and Moby could get bottles chucked at him.
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One of these days I'm going to get around to writing my FPP about the intersection between Scooter and the KLF. One of these days.
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