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Paper Matrix is a blog that gives instructions for cool papercraft objects, "reinterpreting the Danish tradition of woven paper hearts and ornaments." Cut paper in the prescribed ways and weave it together carefully to make a mobile of colorful hot air balloons, gorgeous and complex boxes; simple but satisfying pennants and much more... including a full theater for performances by paper dolls.
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Also little people figures - matryoshka doll; the three wise men (Melchior; Caspar; Balthasar).
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This is so amazing. I need more paper.
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Well, crap, now I have a new papercraft obsession.
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These are amazing, and I need to start learning how to make them immediately right now today this instant holy shitballs batman.
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Omgosh. Looks like fun, but I fear it is like crewel embroidery - what do you do with all the stuff you make?
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I will send them to my adorable niece as a slightly haphazard gift from her auntie, and then, because she is only a year old, she will eat them. So then I can make her some more.
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Wow, these are so cool. Thanks for the information.
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TIL that those woven hearts were a Danish thing. We're a small nation, and will tout anything that makes us special or noticed, but I never knew that kind of christmas decoration was special.
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Man, these are seriously cool.
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Just noticed there is something a little wonky about his index pages... so if you click on a photo from eg the Hearts page, you get to a jpg of the photo, but not the full post. For example this onion-dome-town heart.

To get to the post, the easiest way is to look at the URL which contains year and month of the post, and then look up that year and month at the bottom of the sidebar. (That heart's post is here.)
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That is cool, bouvin... I had never seen them before. Apparently it is a tradition that probably originates in the late 19th century?
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And here's a forum post with a bunch of collected pattern links - starting from more basic designs. Apparently they are baskets so you hang them on the Christmas tree and fill them with candy? That is lovely.
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So lovely.

I'd love to try something like this, but after looking at this this close-up of the cog-tentacle pieces for the egg shape, they seemed too identical to be cut by hand. So I poked around and apparently they use Silhouette paper cutting machines.

Now to ponder who I know who might own one of those...
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Ooh I have a similar cutting machine. Will definitely have to look into this.
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what do you do with all the stuff you make?

Last year I did a papercraft-of-the-day tumblr. I never missed a day and they piled up quickly. I gave a lot of them to my friend's 8 year old daughter, but I also hid a lot around my neighborhood, like in the newspaper kiosk, behind the half-and-half at Starbucks, or around the supermarket. By the end of the year I was having more fun hiding them than making them.
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All kinds of beautiful! And I seem to be able to admire the pictures without wanting to make them, which is also a beautiful thing. (I think it's the tentacles and formative childhood experiences with Lovecraft.)
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The woven paper hearts are a Nordic thing by now. Maybe they started in Denmark, IDK. In Norway and Sweden at least they are used as Christmas decorations.

I think me and first-born (9 yo) will step up our game this Christmas!
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I usually try to decorate our apartment with ~88 paper lanterns each Chinese new year (and toss the old ones as they fall down or as I clean before the new year). But I try to make new shapes every year, so long as they're kind of roundish. This is a treasure trove.

Also, I must have the digital paper cutter. Someday. Since I do most of my papercrafting in the week of winter break, I get all blistery and my fingers get all stabbed up. So I need it for safety.
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