Nobody wins.
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Nobody brought a complaint against police for their actions at the G20 protests in Toronto. Nobody has been vindicated by this prosecution. Nobody's assault can be seen in this video.
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There's more: one of the Toronto police officers who attacked Adam Nobody (Constable Babak Andalib-Goortani) has been convicted of assault with a weapon. That's a surprise, and a win for the rule of law.
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This is a relief, but also a small drop in a large pool of mystery regarding the security plans and implementation at the G20 in Toronto. I fear we will never know the truth, although we have seen the results. For me, something essentially Canadian died with the G20 meeting. I hope it is something we can recover, something about "peace, order and good government" rather than "provocation, chaos and intimidation." We have elected a government that sold out our Constitutional inheritance and has not even considered reflecting on the implications of how that event marked a turning point. It makes my cynical. And I'm an optimist by nature.

Congrats to Adam though. That is indeed a strike for the people.
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I'm so glad they convicted one of the police officers that assaulted him. It's really surprising, and maybe an indication that things aren't hopeless yet. You can still get justice if it's caught on video.
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You can still get justice if it's caught on video.

Maybe in Canada!
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From the first link:

One of the key questions is who arrested Mr. Nobody. The officer listed on the arrest record provided a badge number that doesn't correspond to anyone on the Toronto force, according to the SIU, or to any officer believed to have worked in G20 policing.

That should be a criminal offense right there - providing false identification as an officer of the law. Sigh.
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You Should Have Stayed At Home, a great report from the CBC's The Fifth Estate on the Toronto G20 summit. (The title is a reference to an oft-repeated comment in the wake of the protests and police action.)
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