X is the Y of Z
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metropho.rs (You can zoom in)
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Well, I just learned that California is the Philly of Dallas. So thanks, I guess!
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It's broken, they need to locate "Y" in the "X,Z" instead of searching for the most prominent X. Z is almost the most important part! That said, apparently Oregon and Massachusetts share a few city names.
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I was rolling my eyes at most of these until I got to "Rockville is the Paramus of Maryland," which is pretty much the most apt comparison I've seen between DC places and NJ/NYC places.

No, Arlington is not the Hoboken of DC, nor is Cranford the New Orleans of NJ. What is wrong with you...
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The "Z" is not always a place -- apparently Brazil is the Liverpool of international football, and Iceland is the China of porn.
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Hey! I made that! Projects link is here and a nice write up from Atlantic Cities is here.
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Huh, I had a twitter account called "x is the y of z" wherein I planned to post a witty, thoughtful or otherwise brilliantly aphoristic thing once per day. I got as far as "car windows are the internet of dogs" before running out of ideas. It totally is, though.
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Burbank is the Paris of the East Valley

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Clemson is the Harvard of the South
Atlanta is the Dubai of pizza
Hickory Point is the WaWa of the South
Nicholas county is the North Pole of West Virginia
Texas is the Bangladesh of the US
Tokyo is the New York of Asia

These are not even things! I reject this link.
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For those who don't feel like messing with a (weirdly unnecessary, IMO) world map interface, I suggest The Rosa Parks of Blogs.
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But it's pretty
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"Richford is the Harlem of Vermont."

I... what? I can't even imagine where that came from.
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...Maybe someone saw two black people.
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ME: 'Wait, what is Jerusalem doing near Seattle..."


"mercer island is the jerusalem of washington"

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Cadillac: The Rolls Royce of cars.
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"Pelee Island is the Jamaica of Canada"? Really?

Also: Isn't every college between the Rockies and the Hudson River the "Harvard of the Midwest"?
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Metaphors are the simile of analogy. My brain hurts now.
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Poking around with this, I'm seeing some errors. Berea, Ohio, for example, is showing a tweet referring to Berea, Kentucky.

Maybe I just shouldn't have very high expectations of data auto-parsed from Twitter.
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Red hook is indeed the Red Hook of Brooklyn.
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We play this game all the time up in Canada.

McGill.... it's the Harvard of Canada!
Montreal... it's the Greenwich Village of Canada! (but better)
Bay St... it's the Wall Street of Canada!
Ron Sexsmith... he's the Rufus Wainwright of Canada!
Alberta... it's the Texas of Canada!
The Tragically Hip... they're the R.E.M. of Canada!
Hamilton... it's the Armpit of Canada!
Michael Buble... fuck that guy!

And so on, and so forth.
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Apparently both Kansas City and St. Louis are the New Jersey of the Midwest.

This seems accurate.
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