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Is this this? Correspondingly, is this legal? Because I would like to watch this.
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Am I watching the Village People cowboy claim that he smoked dope with Lillian Carter (mother of then-president Jimmy) in the basement of Studio 54?
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Yep, same documentary.Of course it is legal, it fell off the back of a truck and I just found it.
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Very '77 of you to say so, Ad hom.
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"Men had pubic hair up to their navels."
posted by paleyellowwithorange at 2:05 AM on September 25, 2013

Where I wanted to live when I grew up. Unfortunately, that city wasn't around anymore by the time I got there.
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Year I was born. Like the Humpers once said "I was born in the Summer of Hate / A Little Too Early And Little Too Late."
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This is a great little documentary that connects a lot of dots. Highly recommended.
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I love that the first voice is that of longtime 1010 WINS reporter John Montone. He still sounds the same!
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If the world expects to keep up its Truman Show ruse, then it should stop having things like this pop up on the blue only days after I randomly discover it when trawling YouTube.
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OK as much as I've blamed disco for the decline of humanity, this made me think disco had some positives.
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Wow, that was a fucking great watch. The reason I know it was a great watch is that it was totally engrossing even though I knew about almost everything in it.

Obviously, this is not the NYC I have known, loved, and - for nearly seven years - lived in since 1998. I am both glad about that yet also slightly regretful.
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Oh....I'm so glad to see this. I thought disco was my fault, and I've been apologizing for decades.
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By the way, I still have pubic hair up to my navel. Suck it, haterz. That is... I mean... never mind.
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One thing that is briefly alluded to but not really pursued in this is the extent to which the disco and punk crowd absolutely despised each other. We saw each other as the complete antithesis of what was good, valuable and right. There is a section late in the documentary where we hear about the gleeful capriciousness of the door policy at Studio 54; about how the guy on the door would loftily judge and select the chosen ones, who still had to slip him a twenty as well as pay the entrance fee to the club. And this sort of smug, utterly fake posturing made us punks sick to our guts. To us, the disco crowd were everything wrong with music, everything wrong with socialising and youth culture. They were the horrible fucking poseurs, the "cool kids" at school, everything we reviled and were rebelling against. They seemed to us to be the dirty, decadent scum having orgies while Rome fell, and all to an insipid soundtrack of unchallenging, anodyne spastic emptiness. God, we hated them even more than we hated the prog-rock and metal dinosaurs. Disco was about pose, fakery and pecking order. When people like us went to a disco we were made to feel like filth, and we reacted accordingly. To this day I will not accept the historical revisionism of disco. It sucked. The mantra went up then, and it still applies: Disco sucks.
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@decani I know what you're saying about disco. I've expressed similar sentiments.
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