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Klubok, or Ball of Yarn, made in 1968, is a short animated film based on a Russian folk tale about a poor old woman and what happens after she finds a magic ball of yarn one cold winter's night. The movie was directed by Nikolai Serebryakov and the music was created by Eduard Artemiev.
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Every time a folk tale begins with the character having some sort of magic gift land in his or her lap, you know it's not going to end well.
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Greed will get you every time.
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It may seem like a good idea to knit a house, but—I cannot emphasize this enough—don't knit a house.
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For those fans of Russian sci-fi, this is the same Artemiev who did the groundbreaking scores for Tarkovsky's Stalker, Solaris, and The Mirror.
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So creepy! The poor lamb!

That was excellent.
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It lost me when she used her knitting needles to make a crocheted dress.
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That's par for the course for much of the knitting-related stuff that appears on the net, rikschell. When I do google searches for knitting fully half the stuff that comes up is crocheted.
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