Teahupo'o... ohhh... whooooah!
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As Teahupo'o gains notoriety as one of the biggest monsters in the surfing world, the tiny area it covers gets more and more crowded. If you want to dig some fingernail-marks into the armrests of your chair, watch 2013's Inside the Monster (25:43, French with English Subtitles). Then, explore The Mechanics of Teahupo'o in this slideshow about what makes this slab tick. [previous, previous]
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Wow! I have watched a lot of clips of Teahupoo over the years, but Inside the Monster was some amazing footage. The first minute was a unique view of what the wave looks like from underneath. Also, the videos I've seen before never gave a sense of just how crowded the lineup can be.
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This wave scares the everloving shit out of me. Like seeing a dinosaur or something. Just deep guttural terror.
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Those wipeout sequences holy cow.
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Even more Teahupoo!

(I should admit that I know the guy whose site this is.)
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Every video I watch of this wave I find that I'm holding my breath and I don't even realize until I'm gasping, and I grew up bodysurfing at Sunset while the board surfers were further out on the real waves. Surfing Teahupo'o takes crazy nerves.
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Those wipeout sequences holy cow.

I kept hearing the Wilhelm Scream over and over in my head.
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Those wipeout sequences holy cow.

OK, I just witnessed a double cartwheel into a triple back flip that would rival an Olympics-caliber floor routine...only performed inside a horizontal tornado. That's just insane.
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Such a thick lip on that. Washing machine mit razor coral. I love to surf. I will NEVER surf tow-in at Teahupo'o. Even just overhead there and paddle-in looks rather....challenging. DAT DROP.
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wow that's some really beautiful water.

...also how do people surf with hats on? is it some mark of confidence that you aren't going to wipeout?
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Watching big wave surfing for me is to constantly be screaming "GET OUT! GET OUT! GET OUT!" in my head.
Yesterday I got tossed off a four footer and was reminded what it is like to be held down, if only for a moment.. I can't imagine the violence of a wave that thick.

This surfline feature has a neat graphic on the mechanics of Teahupo'o (15/32): Slabs! Part One. Also not to be missed is the mutant face of Cyclops (19/32), which looks almost crystalline with its bizarre geometry.
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Needs more Jane's Addiction
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Maya Gabeira's return to Teahupoo after her devastating wipeout in 2011

Bruce Irons loses his shorts during the Code Red swell
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