Say goodbye to Bleem.
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Say goodbye to Bleem. If you don't know, Bleem made emulator software that allowed you to play Playstation games on another console system or your PC. Their 'farewell' is kind of funny in a sad way.
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Pour out a lil' liquor.
posted by lotsofno at 12:32 PM on December 19, 2001

They used to have a picture of Sonic (the Hedgehog) weeping at the grave with a flower a couple months ago. I guess they had to take that away, because it was blatantly against copyright.
posted by starduck at 12:34 PM on December 19, 2001

They did fail with their primary product. They were to be the first great PSX emu for the PC. However, lack of support, lack of updates, and glitchiness kept it from reaching decent usability. Long live ePSXe, long live freeware =)
posted by Darke at 12:37 PM on December 19, 2001

They were also the official number of CTY at Franklin & Marshall, '88. *sniff*
posted by hincandenza at 1:07 PM on December 19, 2001

My only exposure to Bleem was a glance at an ugly software box in the store once. What did it offer that Connectix's Virtual Game Station (also defunct) didn't?
posted by ahughey at 1:37 PM on December 19, 2001

I happened to come across the site on the day they shut it down too (Nov 15th I think). I was wondering about Sonic as well, starduck. Some of the message boards I went to had good ideas on what drove it out of business. For example, if they skipped the Bleemcast venture all together, they'd probably still be in business. The problem with Bleemcast is that you had to buy a seperate copy of Bleem for every Playstation game you wanted to play on your Dreamcast. They only came out with two games that still had glitches. I think they had a decent PSX emulator for the PC, but really bad marketing ideas when they made a business out of it.
posted by samsara at 10:58 AM on December 20, 2001

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