“I am the only gay person on the cast."
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Twenty members of the Ole Miss football team are the subject of an investigation this morning after allegedly inciting an incident during Tuesday night's performance of The Laramie Project, at which they and other audience members used derogatory slurs like "fag" and heckled both cast members and the characters they were portraying for their body types and sexual orientations. According to CBS Sports, the Ole Miss athletic department has not issued a comment on the story at this time.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: This is a "look at these assholes" post. Let's wait until there's a statement out or something and feel free to make a longer post about this topic. -- jessamyn

Yet another reason NCAA college football should be nuked from high orbit.
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Look at these assholes.
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> The paper reports that the players attended the speech because it was a requirement of the theater course they are enrolled in

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this course is the kind of softball regularly arranged for student-athletes. All they had to do, at the very bare minimum, was sit there in silence for the duration of the play and they couldn't even manage that.
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