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Music video for 'Wor' by Django Django filmed at the Indian Well Of Death in Allahabad (SLYT)
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Male posturing. Sometimes it's just too damn adorable.
posted by Max Udargo at 3:20 PM on October 3, 2013

That's your whole takeaway from this video? Now THAT is adorbz.
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That's a really neat video; it feels more than a little bit like a carnival or a dirt track race at a fairground somewhere in the midwestern US. I don't think I've ever seen a Wall of Death that big before.

Catchy tune too.
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Not MY whole takeaway, but maybe the biggest one. I was waiting for a scene showing how the vehicles (especially the cars) get started climbing the wall, but they preferred to show the dudes not currently on the wall standing stoically with the vehicles on the wall in the background. And also the scene of the kids' merry-go-round, which is SO comparable. So for me, a disappointment... but hey, here's an unedited 3-minute video from 2007 that shows it off much better for me. And here's a similar-but-smaller setup (one cycle, no cars) from South Dakota (entire act, with about 2 minutes of prep). Now compare to "the Globe of Death" - no edge to go over, but less room to maneuver (or for error) when you have two cycles (and a spectator!) in there.
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The Django Django album is really really good.
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… and live, they're really really really good.
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