Gunta Stölzl: Artist, Weaver, Bauhaus Master
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Gunta Stölzl was an extraordinary textile designer. She led the Weaving Workshop at the Bauhaus from 1926-1931, transforming it into an innovative and successful workshop that elevated the department they pushed women into (weaving being considered a woman's craft) into a innovative, successful department that treated weaving as art. She then moved to Switzerland where she continued her career as a designer and innovator. This website has a fantastic array of images of her work and life. Some of my favorites: 1922 design as a student | pictures of the Bauhaus - Weimar | Working out fabric patterns | an honorary diploma | Bauhaus Masters, 1926 | rug design | Closeup of a 1960s Fabric

In addition to a smart collection of her designs, photographs of her at school and work, and the fabrics she designed, this comprehensive site that her family put together contains everything from picture books she made for her daughter and grandchildren to her own writings about the Bauhaus Weaving Workshop. This biography from Design Within Reach, which has duplicated her designs, provides a brief overview of her life.
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How lovely her work was. Thanks for this!
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Much to explore and admire -- thanks, OP!
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David J. and Peter Murphy were also Bauhaus masters.

I'll show myself out.
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wow. thank you for this.
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