I have such sounds to show you
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Monsters Rule OK: A British Horror Playlist. Fangoria presents a mixtape of British horror that includes musical selections from Blood on Satan's Claw, The Wicker Man, Chocky, Berberian Sound Studio, A Field in England, Children of the Stones, and Twisted Nerve—as well as dialogue excerpts from Don't Look Now, The Stone Tape, Hellraiser and others.
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How do I put this on repeat for THE REST OF MY LIFE?
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Now this a jolly fine playlist for a rather dark autumn evening. I'm off to make a scary mask so I can listen to this appropriately.
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Children Of The Stones and The Stone Tape are the most frightening things that have ever been on television ever.
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The soundtrack from The Wicker Man features heavily on my daily walk playlist. It'd make a great stage show with instruments, soloists, a chorus, and dancers, but it'd need a pretty specific audience. Oh, well, a weirdo impresario can dream.
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Where was this FPP when I was making my swap CD?
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Here are some things I used.
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The song referenced in the title of this post has been in my head since i realized the full version of The Monster Club is on YouTube
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I am listening to this right now and it is making the grading I am doing feel really dire and of great importance. It also makes me want to dress up as Lord Summerisle when I have to teach on Halloween. If only I didn't hate turtlenecks...
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Tesseractive, you could always skip the turtleneck if you choose to wear grandma's chiffon dress and a Cher wig.
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I miss Trish Keenan like it's my job.
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speaking of cool Brit soundtrack work, here's something new/old that just popped up on locaL radio -- that is, new work doing a very good impression of older stylings. Or maybe there really was a movie called Sendo Senshi ...
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Apparently Hammer used some pretty talented avant garde classical composers for some of it's soundtracks, for instance Malcolm Williamson
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