Doctor Who, complete at last
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Over 100 long-lost Doctor Who episodes found by dedicated fans - in Ethiopia
106 of the "lost" episodes of Doctor Who have turned up in Ethiopia. Originally sent as 16mm prints to ETS for local broadcast and then accidentally sold to the public, the BBC has finally tracked them down and arranged to get them back.

Of particular interest, and mentioned previously on the Blue, the BBC previously lacked 106 complete episodes - The exact number reported as recovered from ETS. Although the linked article doesn't explicitly say as much, this discovery should mean we now have a complete run of Doctor Who, from Hartnell to the present.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Seems like this is maybe not really well-confirmed yet? Maybe wait to post it until things are more certain, that way more people will see it when we know it's actually happening. -- LobsterMitten

This again? I'll believe it after I see The Power of the Daleks in it's entirety.
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*makes grabby hands*
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We've been down this route before, and I don't really trust tabloids on this. On the other hand a big deal if true.
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This story has been popping up and debunked about 3 times this year.

The Mirror is just very slow catching up to this rumor, but it's complete nonsense.
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This rumour has been floating around for a while, with claims of a stash of old episodes being found somewhere in the "colonies" and counter-claims that whole thing was a hoax. And it's been rattling around for a few years. So either the BBC has been meticulously restoring these episodes in almost total secrecy or it's just wistful thinking/a hoax from the Doctor Who community.
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Anything to deprive Robert Mugabe a bargaining chip.
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Their source is a fan, not someone directly involved. Not happening.
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I'll believe it if and when it turns up as a BBC news story with film of the discovery, interviews with who found it holding up reels of film/video tape and clips from the missing eps.... until then, well I'd like it to be true but it all sounds very tenuous again.
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This is a thing that matters so much to so many MeFites, it really is going to need a better source. Otherwise, it's just breaking our hearts again.
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Once upon a time, the Mirror was a respectable, even admirable, newspaper. Not now. The People has never been respectable or admirable. Anything they print can be assumed to have only an accidental relationship with the truth. This "reporting" is, at best, a 2nd hand account of a "my friend told me" anecdote. More internet coverage than these papers have had in a long while though, expect more of the same.
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Bleeding Cool does not buy it for a moment.

Now I'm conflicted.
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I keep looking for a Snopes link on this but no dice, yet. I want something I can point at to say "this is a repeated internet rumor and the fact that some newspaper fell for it this time doesn't mean anything".
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Obviously the repeated return of this story is because of warring time travellers messing up history, leaving only tabloid headlines and a vague feeling of deja vu in their wake.
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I read about a half dozen Who blogs* and exactly none of them have bothered to cover this.

*We can talk another time about what this says about me.
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In the category of Real News About Real Things That Are Actually Happening...

Has anyone seen any news/listings on which cities/theaters will be showing the 3D edition of the 50th anniversary special?
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