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A Short History of the Highrise A four-part NYT interactive documentary by Katrina Cizek on apartment buildings through the ages, part of the National Film Board of Canada's HIGHRISE project (Previously).
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Tremendous effort, but the decision's perverse
To write the entire narration in verse
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also, From Bauhaus to Our House
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Yeah, I was really interested, but the poor verse -- which doesn't even scan -- put me off the first part within the first minute. That really seems more suitable for schoolchildren.

The verse conceit is dropped in the "Concrete" part, though, and it seems all right so far.
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. . . wait, what, now the narrator's rhyming again? Make up your mind, lady!
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I felt compelled to add the "doggerel" tag after thinking about the oddity of rhymed narration. On the other hand, now I kind of want newsreaders to start doing rhyming news couplets. "The President stood at the podium and declared / that a negotiated budget was a goal that he shared / with the House GOP, but not with the threat / of potential default on the national debt."
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