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It looks like Amazon is finally starting to leverage its vast customer lists the way Apple has built on the iTunes Music Store. Amazon will now allow businesses to use Amazon as the back-end to their online business, relieving businesses of the need to establish and maintain a payments & accounts infrastructure. Apple has long built on their own customer list, starting with music and adding movies, TV shows, and ebooks.

Whether this will be good for businesses or customers remains to be seen. Other companies have tried to enter this space in the past, but few had such a vast store of existing users as Amazon.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: No real big deal, but this feels as framed like it's a little on the "this is my take on this" side of things and it might be better to give this another go including some sort of external commentary making it clear how this is new/different in a way that's interesting or significant compared to the current payment widget ecosystem. -- cortex

I'm confused - Haven't they been doing this for some time? It's the payment method Lickstarter uses isn't it? And closer to PayPal than anything iTunes does?
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Yea, I don't think this compares well with iTunes. Unless I missed something, all that Apple has done with iTunes is expanding the product categories in their store: much more comparable to Amazon's initial expansion from books to everything.

They have definitely been the Kickstarter payment processor for a while.
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It's the payment method Lickstarter uses isn't it?

Just what kind of stuff have you been crowdsourcing, Artw?
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2.9% + $0.30 per-transaction

Is that really considered low?
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I don't understand the link with Apple or iTunes at all. You can't do a "pay with your AppleID" thing from any random site.
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How is this different from Amazon Payments?
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We're heading for the global economic convergence: by the time it's infinitely easy to pay for something, nobody will have any money.
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Well this one is, Sara C. You see?
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Or, I should say, having actually clicked the link,

Yeah, this is Amazon Payments, and when I set up my kickstarter campaign a while back I kept getting redirected to that business link, which made it really complicated because I don't want to set up a CRM back-end accounting system, I want to enter my personal bank account info so that Kickstarter knows where to send the money.

That said now I know that Amazon does this stuff on a business level, so I suppose the cludgy site navigation works to get the idea into crowdfunding entrepreneurs' heads.
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