The Last Hunt
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I love stuff like this. The internet is so cool these days it makes me weep. I used to be able to keep up with the technology, but now days you need to know markup, styling, scripting, etc. Then you have to have an art team or be one of those rare people that can write and illustrate.

Cool story to boot!
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Wow. Really lovely story and the way it's told? Stunning.
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From the link's text:

"These days I'm clearly no hunter. I don't even carry a gun."

I kindly disagree. Granddad, a lifelong hunter who I rarely saw carry a gun in the countless times I went with him to stalk a deer, loose beagles to chase a rabbit until the rabbit was done with them (we never killed rabbits, they were far too fun and too precious to reduce their number), or (and sadly I never accompanied him on one of these) to sit quietly in the woods and try to lure a wily tom turkey to within his sphere of observation, once said to me, after I told him that I hoped he did better next year after an altogether unsuccessful turkey hunting season,

"RolandofEld, if the good Lord came down to me and told me 'Frank Jr., you will never kill another turkey in your life.', I'd still go turkey hunting every single chance I got."

He loved being in nature and away from it all that much... I guess what I'm saying is that being a hunter does not a gun require.*

/pedant and derail, thanks for putting up with it.
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Non-edit, edit: I haven't read it all, but this reminded me of that. I forgot to say thanks and cool post.
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That was a rich and rewarding experience. Thank you.
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A touching story beautifully presented.
Thanks mudpuppie!
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Beautiful. Thanks for posting.
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I miss my grandfather.

The world has been darker and harder since he passed.
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This is really stunning and lovely. Thank you!
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Man, I'm so jealous of Canada because of the NFB. Most of my favorite films back in school all had one thing in common; The National Film Board of Canada. I'm so glad that it exists and it allows for things like this to be made and distributed to the world.
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How's the iPad version anyone? Am USian and can't get into the CA iTunes store.
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Outstanding. Thanks.

This is the second story I've experienced told in this rich multimedia way (the first was a longform journalism thing about last year's wildfires in Australia, with maps and spoken audio interviews). I absolutely love it - this is why we invented an internet. The combination of the music, hand-drawn art, photos, storytelling, pacing, and realness are absolutely beautiful, letting you disappear into a tale for a while. This was just wonderful. I hope to see lots more things like this soon.
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I love the NFB's web work. They're also behind the earlier, and equally amazing, Welcome to Pine Point.
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