Whittingham Hospital
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Whittingham Hospital is a beautiful abandoned psychiatric hospital near Preston, Lancashire, England. It pioneered the use of EEGs in psychiatry, and was at one point the largest such hospital in the country (and second largest in Europe), with its own railway station, 500 acres of farmland, a water tower, theatre, brewery and butchers. Said to be haunted, and now slated for redevelopment into homes, you can now take a virtual tour, and read up on its history, with horrifying patient abuse, and a nurse convicted of manslaughter in the death of a patient.
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It's like residental developers have never even seen a horror movie.
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Yeah, would I like a house built on (or in) what used to be a psychiatric hospital? Which is said to be haunted and in any case has a horrific history of abuse?

Hardheaded dialectic materialist though I am, I'm not so stupid as to fall for that again.
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Did they move the headstones?
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This show is from last year. It's about witches now!
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Looks like a great site for an FPS.
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Turning former mental insitutions into residential property isn't anything new in the UK; the hospital my great grandmother was confined to in the 1920's is now apartments! While a friend lives in a another one which is surprisingly pleasant, so I can understand the demand - nice high ceilings, good natural light and lots of parking outside - even resident deer!

Given the history of the place its a shame that someone like the national trust wasn't interested in taking it on, but I guess there's not much call for alternative use.
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This calls for an overseas Ghost Adventures episode. One solid hour of "Dude, Wait, Bro, What?"
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My uncle was a gardener here for decades. But, as the mills and factories closed from the 1970s onward, Whittingham became a more important employer. By the early 1990s, 3 others in the family worked there in on job or another.
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