12", 12x12
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Yep, another clever way to play with iconic album covers. Reducing them to 12x12 grid- one pixel per square inch of the original LP.

Extra points for figuring lo-fidelity puns for each title. I'm fascinated by how much the color matches drive my recognition of these.
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Graphic Nothing did this with dots, not squares. I bought a print of Abbey Road that seems to be unavailable anymore. [edit] Nope, still There.[/edit]

I also bought a Mona Lisa from there. That's still available, and way more recognizable.
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I was half hoping these would be heavily-pixelated reductions of the album covers, rather than redrawings of them using heavily-saturated video game colors.

Well done, just not what I had in mind.
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Png Crimson. Clever titles.
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It's one of those days where checking the links becomes easier and more rewarding with my specs off.
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You have to give the page time to load, they're all pixelated when it first comes up. Must be my dial-up.
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Extra points for figuring lo-fidelity puns for each title.

Except for Vector Underground which seems a bit off to me. (Vector art is about as different from big blocky pixels as you can get). Love the concept and the post though!
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I would have liked this better if they had provided a small icon version of each one too.
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I only recognised Abbey Road and Velvet Underground. Both are older than I am. Am I missing something or are album covers just not as iconic as they used to be?
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I think it is less that and more that pop culture isn't as much inundated with album cover imagery -- or, rather, that the imagery mainly got stuck on what we consider 'classic rock' -- and genre-exemplifying bands are necessarily rare. You only get so many Sgt. Peppers and Dark Sides of the Moon and Neverminds and Pretty Hate Machines and so on per generation.
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Also, from my days of selling band t-shirts at the punk rock store, there's a lot of iconic album imagery for genres that never makes it out into pop culture at large, but is still easily recognized by anyone who is into that particular genre.
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Album covers nowadays are all the same, in that they all look like small metallic rectangles in your pocket. Unless you're talking about that little thumbnail image that occasionally pops up on %MUSIC_APP% while it's buried beneath sixteen other windows. Understandably this is not the stuff of cultural milieus.
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The Who's Next entry is actually pretty amazing: apart from the wet spots it conveys nearly the same information as the original.
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