Couples Switch Outfits
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I don't think it's "gender bias" to notice that men and women can both look good in men's clothes (not all examples but many) while unless it's a costume/drag situation or some such, men look absurd in women's clothes. How about the gender bias in fashion design?
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I would look hot!
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they look ok when they're just standing there at a distance, but good lord try finding anything in the men's section that has fit and function for anything but a standard man.

you're right tho, there is a stark difference in terms of common general looks for men vs women
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gingerbeer and I have a rule about leaving the house when we're wearing matching outfits (most commonly, a hoodie, jeans, boots), but it's not a rule we follow terribly stringently. It's mostly just an effort to try not to be a matchy-matchy dyke couple.
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Ooh, let's play Who Wore It Better?
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The fact that I am much much bigger than most women is definitely gender bias. As is the fact that I eat more chili in one sitting than most women could in a week.
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Most of the women here look perfectly fine in men's clothing but the opposite is rarely true.
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