My name is Lentil, and I eat from a tube.
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Lentil Bean is a French Bulldog born with a severe cleft palate. His owner fed him through a tube until he was old enough for reparative surgery. The surgery was a success, and once little Lentil could eat and drink on his own, he and his owner turned to a new task: advocacy for children with craniofacial differences. Lentil's best friend is Chris P. Bacon, a pig in a wheelchair. Lentil also has a Facebook page.
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Just so they didn't let poor Lentil breed.
I'm glad they cared for him so, and are helping children with these problems.
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adorable. amazing.
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oh Li'l Brudder!
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FBRN, who initially took Lentil in, is a fantastic rescue, and one of my favorite places to donate whenever I have a few bucks to spare. Here's their foster page on sweet Lentil Bean, along with a bunch of photos and a handful of videos of him growing up! He's a wee frog, so it comes with the territory, but he must emit some truly amazing snorts. What a wonderful ambassadog.

Lentil has brought you a flower.

And you can donate to the Children's Craniofacial Association here.
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you had me at pig in a wheelchair.
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My name is Lipstick Thespian, and I eat cute from a gallon drum that used to be for lard.
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I'm not sure they're really BFF's, they look like they could be faking it for the cameras. Look folks, just because they're both disabled animals doesn't mean they are into the same stuff.
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Oh man I could really go for some lentil-bacon soup all of a sudden
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I have had the distinct honor and privilege of meeting Lentil. He (and his human friend) are neighbors here in Fishtown, Philadelphia, PA, and I got to meet them at our Meet the Neighbors event this past summer. Needless to say Lentil is super cute.
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I haven't even read any of the links yet but I am tearing up already.
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To be a wheelchair, it needs to actually be a chair...
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I wasn't going to look at any of the photos for fear of seeing a hurt little puppy but they were not upsetting and I am happy.
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Is there a German word for when your heart does a thing that feels a lot like a little girl going "squeeeeeeeeee!"? And it isn't anything to do with an artery being clogged?
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I was all set to herfderf about people buying cleft palate surgery for a frigging dog while there are actual kids with the same problem who need help. Then I read TFA and saw how lil Lentil was advocating on behalf of said kids and I got all blubbery and whatnot.
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Is there a word in some language for the feeling you have when the concept of something is good and makes your heart happy but the word for it sends you into a fit of rage?

Because that is happening to me right now.

It's uncomfortable.
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Chris P. Bacon is kind of a mean name for a pig, when you think about it. Kind of like naming a cow Hamm Burger, Ima Steak, or Barb BeQueue. However, he seems pretty happy with his wheeled prosthetic - HSFH is right, it doesn't really look much like a chair - so I guess the name must not bother him much.

Lentil Bean is cool, too.
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We adopted a cleft palate bulldog a few years back; she was six. Renal failure got her a year later. She was an amazing little girl.

Seeing Lentil Bean makes me sooooo happy.
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